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Road Hazard Protection Plans

Windshield Protection

Covers windshield damage caused by rocks, debris, and other road hazards. The Windshield can be repaired or replaced at the dealer service center, repair shop or owner’s home.
  • Windshield repair or replacement program
  • Covers stars, chips, or cracks in the front windshield
  • Transform potentially frustrating events into loyalty-building opportunities
  • Saves owner from using insurance deductible
  • Brings customer back to dealership for claims

Tire & Wheel Protection

Covers repair or replacement of tires and wheels damaged by common road hazards. Also includes taxes, labor, mounting, balancing and valve stems.
  • Repair or replace tires and wheels
  • Covers road hazards such as glass, nails, and potholes
  • Repairs can be done at the selling dealership or owner’s location
  • Saves owner from using insurance deductible
  • Reinsurance and retro options available