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Automobile Protection Plans

Good for your customers. Good for you. ARC has access to reinsurance programs that will enhance your dealership profit by providing peace of mind to your customers. Vehicle protection plans can be built right into the monthly car payment, making it a low-cost, high reward option for your customers.

Why Offer Vehicle Protection Plans?
The reinsurance concept allows the dealer, lender, or agent to own and control their own insurance company, which accepts premiums generated from vehicle service agreements and other aftermarket products. The producer-owned reinsurance company (PORC) holds the premium reserves and earns all of the underwriting profits, plus investment income from these premiums. These profits can be withdrawn monthly to provide working capital or create long-term wealth.

ARC has key relationships with best-in-class administrators who have developed proprietary technology tailored to your areas of greatest need, including:

  1. Full contract automation
  2. Online cancellation quoting and cancelling
  3. DKP Express Claims portal allowing dealers to electronically submit, self-adjudicate and receive automatic claims approvals

Automobile Protection Plans